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Parenting tweens and teens can be in one moment like walking a mile barefoot on legos and in the next like floating on a cloud of joy. While these tricky little creatures with raging hormones can be complete jerks, they can also be loads of fun. They get real humor now. They are beginning to understand politics, news topics, the opposite sex which leads to very interesting (albeit brief) conversations.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing you will ever do as a parent is create an atmosphere of conversation in your home. It is a theme that runs throughout this website. Every post is meant to create conversations. Take the time to talk with your tweens and teens, then close your mouth and listen. Every chance you get. It’s in the listening that you learn the most.

I LOVE these years. If I could freeze my life right now and live forever like this, I absolutely would. Some day all too soon they will be leaving me and I will wish desperately to have those eye rolls and door slams back in my home. You too can love these years. Ooph is here to ensure it.

“I believe if you stay in front of your teens, keep yourself informed, pay attention to their music, stalk them on Facebook, occasionally pry their phones out of their sleeping hands to read their texts and force them to talk to you by locking them in the car and driving so fast they couldn’t possibly jump out, then the teen years can be downright fun.” Ooph Founder, Stefanie Mullen

Where to start on Ooph:

Ooph Lists: A compilation of fun lists for parents of tweens and teens to either enjoy themselves or share with their tweens and teens.
15 Things Girls Should Know Before They Turn 18
15 Things Boys Should Know Before They Turn 18
10 Things Parents Who Parent Do
11 Things a Girl Should Know Before Her First Date
10 Things a Boy Should Know Before His First Date

Family Chatter: Conversation starters for your family dinners. Or for when you have them locked in a car on the highway. Get them talking. As often as possible.
Inventions: What year were their favorite things invented?
Share Your Stories: Share funny stories about when you were young to get them talking.
When You Become An Adult: What are their expectations?
Would You Rather: Which would they choose?
Relaxation, Vacations and Special Powers: Fun being silly.

Can You Relate? Relatable stories for parents of tweens or teens sprinkled with questions readers ask who need some help.
Seriously? Who let me parents these kids?
When They Hang Up On You? Seek Revenge.
Hand Check: A question from an Ooph Reader seeking advice.
The Day My Son Disappeared: A story about bipolar disorder.
Be Your Own Man: Why can’t they make decisions for themselves.

OMG Driving: Driving is one of the most liberating moments for teens. For parents? It can be frightening. And? It should be. Stay informed on available products to keep your teens safe, articles to read to them and most importantly have a place to converse with other parents going through handing over the keys.
An Epidemic: Teen Driving Deaths at 6,000 Annually.
My Son’s First Driving Lesson (Video)
Tracking Your Teen’s Driving

Image and Behavior: This section includes body image, bullying, sex, drugs, music, finance and much more.
Teens and Prescription Drugs
It’s All the Rave: Rave Parties for Teens
Teens and Birth Control
Amanda Todd: Bullied to Suicide (Watch her video)
Fathers and Daughters: A beautiful story.

Technology and Education: From monitoring your kids online presence and discussing sexting to preparing for the SAT and getting tweens and teens to do their homework. This is a must read section.
Sexting: Is it becoming the norm?
Parenting in a Technological World.
Oh No My 12 Year Old Has a Cell Phone
Is Your Child Ready For Facebook?
Every 26 Seconds a Teen Drops Out of High School: How you can help.
Back to School Contract

Don’t stop with these posts. Keep reading. Ooph is filled with great information. And just for fun check out all of Ooph’s List Posts. Millions of people love them!

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