crazy for the glove

About five years ago, when Keenan was nine, he was still playing baseball.  He had practice twice a week and one or two games.  At least two times a week he would forget his glove.  Not an enormous problem for a right handed player, they just glove share with the rest of their right handed friends.  However, Keenan is one of those rare lefty kids and when he leaves his glove at home, there is no sharing.

Twice a week I would get a call five minutes after I dropped him off and I would schlep my ass back over to the field, glove in hand, and graciously though I wanted yell, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”, walk it over to Keenan on the field. About halfway through the season, after asking him twice on the drive to practice if he had the glove in his bag and him telling me yes both times, I got the call.

“Um mom, I forgot my glove.”  Steam began coming out of my ears and visions of me super gluing that damn thing to his hand were playing in my mind. 

“Where is it,” I asked through gritted teeth.

“I don’t know,” was his insightful response.

I looked in his room, the garage, under his bed, in the refrigerator, blah, blah, blah.  I finally found it and rushed out the door infuriated that I was dealing with this situation A-FREAKING-GAIN. 

By the time I got to the field, I was all worked up.  Instead of calmly parking my car and delivering the glove as I had done 300 other times that season, I tried a different tactic.

 As I approached the field, I slowed my car to about 30 miles per hour, rolled down the passenger side window, with my hair blowing all over the place, my face distorted with a crazy grin, my eyes as big as saucers, I laid on the horn and chucked that damn glove as far as I could. 

As I drove off cackling, I looked into my rear view mirror to see my mortified son jogging over to the other side of the field, all his friends and coaches staring at him, to retrieve his glove.

He never forgot his glove again.


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  1. joel frieders says:

    you suck! (im kidding you rule)
    i now fear & respect you.

    im totally gonna use this on wifey when she calls "hey, i forgot pads & im in the bathroom at work, 4th floor."
    ‘oh yeah? meet me outside.’

  2. ok – who is Joel who posted a comment – I burst out laughing at that one! classic! It’s that whole do the same thing over and over and hope for a different response – right? Love that you changed it up and it worked! (and I can totally see you cackling – as you put it – as you drive off). Don’t we all secretly love messing with people like that?? ok, maybe I do!

  3. Carrie Meadows says:

    Awesome- you pulled an Uncle Buck.

  4. Victoria Landingham says:

    will this work on my friend who always forgets her smokes????…..CACKLE…and yes yes yes i agree with jenny….joel is a keeper….you have to put him on your show WHEN you win it!!!!!!! and i think we should have wine with his wife…..LOVE HER BALLS!!!!!!!..

  5. Not Just Another Jen says:

    I love it and will TOTALLY use this. I’m a fan of keeping the kids wondering.

  6. Using this tip.
    My kid is 7 and the "I don’t know where it is" and "I can’t find it" ‘s are FULL FORCE. Even when the items is right in front of his lazy …… so yeah. Using this.
    But. not for baseball. It only took us two years to figure out that it’s too much "practice" for a boring sport that he doesn’t even enjoy (and my ass now thanks me for not getting nacho’s a few times a week)

  7. S- Do you think this will work on my husband? He forgets EVERYTHING. Yes my children do too, but they are kids. What’s his excuse?

  8. Way to teach that boy a lesson. Its a hard one to learn but it sounds like you found the perfect way to make a point.

  9. This makes me laugh so flipping hard!!! I love it.

  10. yeah…soooooo….remind me not piss you off. ever.


  11. Brilliant!


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