15 Things Girls Should Know Before They Turn 18

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There a few key things every girl should know before she departs your home. Here are my top 15. 

1. Scissors are to be used for opening bags of chips, not for your hair. Especially NOT your bangs. EVER.

2. Never use bleach and ammonia at the same time. It creates a toxic gas that will cause you to suffocate.

3. Learn to use a fire extinguisher. 

4. Do not ask a question you don’t want the answer to until you are emotionally ready to handle it.  For example. “Do you love me?” or “Does this make me look fat?” 

5. Good friends are the ones who tell you that your ass looks big in those jeans and that Suzy is sleeping with your boyfriend. Keep them forever.

6. When you ask a man, “What are you thinking?” and he replies, “Nothing.” It’s true. 

7. For every slice of pizza you eat you will need to run 30 minutes to burn it off. Two slices equals an hour. Three slices? An hour and a half. You get the idea. That doesn’t include the beer. 

8. Learn to use jumper cables. 

9. Men look at other girl’s boobs. Don’t expect otherwise. It’s nothing personal. They can’t help it.

10. The only alcohol you should ever drink straight from a bottle is beer. Doing otherwise will likely land you in the hospital or even worse, a wooden box. 

11. Budgeting is the key to happiness.

12. The only thing you wash with white clothes? White clothes. 

13. Every cigarette you smoke takes seven minutes off your life. A pack? Two hours and 20 minutes. 

14. No one knows what they are going to be when they grow up. Just get a damn degree.

15. Boys are the gravy, not the mashed potatoes. 

What would you add?


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  1. learn to cook five meals so that you can cook for your roommate or friend or boyfriend.

    learn to change a tire and check your own oil in your car

  2. Carolyn West says:

    I love this. Printing it out and giving it to my daughters.

    • well , ta be honest all of this is not necessarily somethings youur daughter should kno . i mean i cant say that because im not a mother but my cousin is & i see what she goes throu . she messed up by getting pregnant when she was young but life goes on & tha family loves tha baby more than ever !

  3. Take a self defense class.

    Never take pictures of yourself in underwear… or less; you never know where/when they’ll show up (like after your sister marries a prince).

  4. Great list. I would add: "Judge people by their actions, not their words."

  5. Kelly Cheatle says:

    I’d skip the calorie mention. Instead focus on encouraging her to give her body the nutrition it needs by eating healthy food. Decadent and delicious foods are wonderful and good and should be enjoyed too, but after 3 bites are you really still tasting and enjoying and being mindful of the treat?

    I’d also add that she should realize that no one has all of the answers, and that we’re all just making this up as we go along too. She needs to learn to think about who is giving her advice, and whether or not that person is someone to take advice from and when to just trust her gut.

  6. Karen Stryket says:

    "You get what you settle for" – Thelma & Louise. My daughter is only 7 but I’m already thinking of how to best prepare her for being on her own, including how to make strong choices, and hopefully fostering strong self-esteem, confidence and high standards. You never exceed your own expectations for yourself so I hope my daughter envisions a happy, successful future surrounded by positive can-do friends. Never settle…in grades, in boys, in friends, in possibility. Your life is made up of choices every minute of every day. Make strong ones. That’s what I want my daughter to know when she’s 18.

  7. Karen Stryker says:

    Sorry 4 the double post!!

  8. "Where you put your attention is where you get your results."

  9. "Never make someone a priority who would keep you as an option."

  10. This is a great list and I think I will give my daughter something similar when she graduates so she knows that I am serious and do still have a sense of humor.

    I would add "You will be your happiest when you let go of hating other girls that appear to have it all. Until then just try to be yourself!"

  11. And a follow-on to #10: Pour your own drinks at a party, and if you set the cup down and walk away, get another one.

    • BrookBazzerk says:

      This is something my mom and aunt has drilled into my head way before I was even old enough to go “partying”.

  12. Brianne-

    That is SO good.

  13. Red Lotus Mama says:

    Great list! I would add:

    Be confident in the person you are.
    Don’t slouch.
    Look people in the eye when you talk to them.
    Listen to that little voice in your head when making a choice (it is the one of your mother).

  14. Quit hating your body. One day you will look back and realize you’d kill to look half that good again.

    The only thing you should be doing when you’re driving a car is DRIVING THE CAR.

    Your parents may be annoying but they won’t be around forever. Cherish them while you have the chance.

    When you date a guy, pretend HE’S interviewing for the boyfriend position, not that YOU’RE interviewing for the girlfriend slot.

    Shake hands like a man, not like a girl. And for the love of all that is holy LOOK THE PERSON SQUARE IN THE EYE when you do it.

    Whatever it is that has you sobbing in your pillow, odds are it won’t matter a year from now.

    If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough.

    Travel and explore as much as you can before life makes that more difficult.

    When it stops tasting good, stop eating it. (And if it didn’t taste good to begin with, DEFINITELY don’t eat it.)

    Be the person you wish like hell you had as a best friend.

  15. pauline m. campos says:

    My favorite is #5. I have a friend like that. Took me until I was in my 30′s to find her.
    I’d like to add that every girl needs to realize she needs to realize the only thing that matters is how she views herself in the mirror. What anyone else says won’t change what you think, good or bad. And if they say it’s bad, they’re idiots anyway.

  16. Other people’s opinion of you are none of your business. Yours is the one that matters.

    If you’re worried about who will find out, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

    People will treat you how you allow them to. Insist on being treated with dignity and respect.

  17. Great list + excellent comments! I think I’ll break it down and start handing out mini lists long before 18, including the following:

    Learn to say no to friends, family, boyfriends, planning committees and the pta, you were not put on earth to please everyone else.

    Take time for yourself because you are important.

    Trust your instincts, when in doubt… don’t.

  18. Live by yourself before you get married, if you choose to get married. It’s the best way to get to know yourself.

  19. As a mom whose oldest daughter is turning 18 in 2 short months, I SECOND ALL OF THESE!

    And maybe add:


  20. Actually, my daughter has been cutting her hair, and mine, for the past several years. She started learning by practicing on herself one little snip at a time. She’s quite good and almost wanted to be a beautician.

  21. My mom ALWAYS told me that thing about pouring your own drink or abandoning it after you set it down. Here’s mine:

    Think about how you treat your mother; one day you might be her and all of that could come back to haunt you. Unless you are super lucky and have all sons:)! Okay, a serious one? Hmmm, how about you may have to kis a bunch of frogs before you find your prince. Which is fine. As long as it’s JUST kissing.

  22. As girls are waiting for Prince Charming to save them, I think it’s important to note that Prince Charming is a PRINCE. That means he does NOT polish the shining armor, and if his gallant steed takes a dump on the living room floor, he is NOT going to clean up after it. He should, however, make you feel like a princess, even if your common pedigree means you will never actually achieve anything more than the title of Duchess.

  23. In a similar vein, my mom always said "Look at how a boy treats his mother, because someday, that is how he’ll treat you."

  24. Learn to change a tire, check your oil and drive a stick. If you can do that, you’ll never get stuck anywhere.

    • …Or be smart enough to have a cell phone and a AAA membership.

      • Best of all? Change a tire, check your oil, drive a stick AND always have a charged cell phone and a AAA membership. Doesn’t hurt to make SURE you get your routine car maintenance done ROUTINELY.

  25. Love these!!! Totally agree!!!

  26. 14. No one knows what they are going to be when they grow up. Just get a damn degree.

    I do not agree with this one at all. I think that people should be told to follow their dreams. We have only got one life, if there is something one loves to do they should be encouraged to pursue it in a career decision.

  27. I would have to agree on changing your tires, check your own oil and other fluids,using jumper cables. I would add: don’t stress too much about not knowing what you want to do with your life, some of the most interesting people I know or knew when I was your age didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives either and most still don’t.
    Don’t ever let a man tell you that you can’t do it, you can do whatever you want to do.
    Don’t ever let a man hit you and get away with it, violence is not okay and they are not a real man if they hit you, a real man will walk away and let you cool down, and don’t go to bed angry, you don’t want the last words you say to anyone be the words filled with anger and hate, cause one day it will be too late to take them back.

  28. Michelle,
    I love that . I spent 8 years married to a guy who I thought was Prince Charming, I spent those 8 years being the maid lol, I have found my White Knight and he spends his time telling me how much he loves me and how he finds me perfect I laugh because I know I am far from perfect but we make each other happy.

  29. guard your heart – the things you allow in your mind, thoughts, etc. are there forever — if you don’t want visions of trash in your mind on your wedding night or when you hold your firstborn, guard yourself.

  30. Heather Rhodes says:

    Here is one that I have told my girls…
    Take a moment and close your eyes to picture the person that you would love to spend the rest of your life with…You can picture his looks, his job, your kids…Now open your eyes and throw the picture out…Life seldom turns out the way we fantasize it will. That’s why it’s called a fantasy. If you spend all your time fantasizing you are missing the experience and the experience is always way better than the fantasy… :)

  31. I’ve bee married for 18yrs…yes, it’s true that a man will treat his wife the he treats his mother. I didn’t know his mother much less see them together before I got pregnant! I would have ran away. However, we both are diferent people today. He now sees that his mother is crazy and is a better man/father of 3 today than he has ever been!

  32. OMG! That sums it ALL up.

  33. My mom would tell me this before I would leave the house…now this may not pertain to everyone, but it helped me. She would simply state…"Remember sweetheart, you are a Christian."

  34. I tought my 3 daughters how to shake someone’s hand. Hand extended all the way into the other person’s hand, a firm grip and a brief shake with good eye contact and a wonderful smile. Invaluable tool for life.

  35. Grace Ordung says:

    When I was growing up and going to a friend’s house my parents always said "Remember to ay please and thank you." And now whenever I leave the house my dad says "Wear your seat belt."

  36. Whenever i left the house, my mom would always say "pour your own drink, don’t do drugs, and always use a condom." this was always a joke in the house, but now that i look back, it was pretty good advice. lol

  37. Take advantage of any opportunities that arise. One of the worst regrets in life is looking back and wondering what if I had said yes…

  38. Here’s one I figured out on my own, sadly: You will encounter ugly things, dangerous situations, and disgusting messes that you will not be able to avoid. Put your big-girl boots on now and do what needs to be done without complaint. How you "feel" about it is irrelevant. The world does not revolve around your feelings, nor does it give a d*mn about them.

  39. Tammy Cramer says:

    My mom, whom at my age of 17, I thought was just FULL of useless advice,, .she had a couple of gems:

    1. DO NOT rely on another person for your happiness
    2. The only person who is going to look out for you – is YOU.

    To add my own, for my daughter who is turning 18 in a year, and will probably think this is the lamest thing ever when I print it out, and it will be a flippin’ miracle if she actually reads the whole list…

    1. NOBODY in this world will EVER love you as much as your parents – not even a man – they come and go – look at the divorce rates and the drama on the internet, the news and in the magazines. This is something I did not learn until both of my parents passed away, at my ripe old age of 34. I did not have nearly enough time with them.

    2. Education – yes it i boring and you hate it, it is expensive and I am going to hate it – YOU will not have a GOOD job without it – and you are a high maintenance girl so you’d better be a SMART girl.

    3. Do not rely on another person to take care of you financially, ever. No matter what your employment turns out to be, make enough money of your own to survive on your own and you will never feel that you are trapped in a situation you want out of because you can’t afford it finanicially.

    4. If you want out of a situation, I dont care how old you are, you can always use me for your scapegoat.

    5. Love yourself – always. I think you are the most beautiful, talented, thoughtful, smartest, funnest, most fashionable girl in the world (I could go on and on but you get the idea)…. and of course what your mother thinks of you is the most important thing in the world (LOL – NOT)!

    6. There are not many things in this world that you don’t have to work hard for – don’t be lazy. There are things in this world like love, that you shouldn’t have to work hard for at all.

    7. Do not do something if you know you will be ashamed it of eventually.


    9. Nothing is forever, sometimes this is something to be thankful for – a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it will break your heart.

    10. Even though I don’t tell you often enough, or express it nearly enough, I love you with all my heart – forever and always.

    ~ Mom.

  40. Number 14, about just getting a degree, is dead wrong. Why would you collect all that debt in student loans to get a degree that’s never going to help you? Don’t do it. I did it, and I regret it. Wait until you know what you want before just "getting a degree." If you get just any degree, you will be labeled. Then when you want to switch to the thing you love, it will be harder to find a job because people won’t want to hire a fashion designer to teach high school history. In the meantime, go to community college and get your gen. eds. on scholarship, or get an associates degree that you can easily pay off.

  41. I had a really good friend in high school who’s parents always told us before we left the house "Remember who you are, and whose you are" Still sticks with me today

  42. Get a dog (or cat) before getting a boyfriend. This will help you learn to care for another without expecting anything back.

  43. Jeanne Robbins says:

    My daughters are just 10 ans 8, but growing up fast here are a few additional things i want to teach them

    Sometimes frogs are just frogs, wait until he proves to be a prince before you kiss him.

    It is important to have an opinion, it is not important to force your opinion or even share it. But having an opinion will help you make the right decision for you. (my oldest is very headstrong, my youngest is not)

    Think about what you want in life and if the choice you have will help or hinder your goals.

    No one has power over you that you don’t give.

  44. Oh my God! Amazing, my Baby is 9 months, and I am definetly priniting this for when she’s older!!

  45. Garry Upton says:

    Life is not fair.
    No one owes you anything.
    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    Check Snopes.com before you forward a chain email.
    There will always be someone prettier, smarter, or more athletic than you.
    There will always be something you can learn from those people.
    Your mistakes are opportunities to grow, not ditches to wallow in.
    Sometimes you just have to make a quick decision and live with the consequences. See the line above.
    Be a person that other people want to be around. A winning personality will cover over a multitude of other flaws.

  46. I always tell my 3 daughters..Love each other and be friends. There is nothing more valuable than the friendship and love of your siblings. When I’m gone they will be all you have. Don’t try and grow up too fast, life will come sooner than you know.

  47. The best advice I got from my parents as a teen was "don’t come home with anything you can’t wash off".

  48. Number 7 bothers me. Eat the pizza and enjoy it. If you run, then run for fun and for health. When you link the two, you get awfully close to a binge/purge mentality than no woman of any age should be burdened with.

    A better number 7: Always love and appreciate your body. It is beautiful.

  49. Two things:
    1) Never invite someone into your life unless they make it better.
    2) In my teen years (90′s) my mom always said: "In this day & age there is no excuse for you to come home & tell me you are pregnant". Use a condom if you want to go on the pill, go to Planned Parenthood, it’s anonymous & cheap.

    I used the Planned Parenthood advice all through HS & College.

  50. My thoughts exactly, been there, and Thankful that I had to pass my Dad’s drivers test before the taking the state test.

  51. Truthseeker says:

    I always told my kids, "remember, you are a child of God." Sometimes it helped…and sometimes it didn’t! Kids will always be kids and that means rebelling.

  52. Cristie Risinger says:

    You are greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved by your Creator. You are the apple of His eye, the object of His affection. There is nothing He loves more than you! You are God’s beloved…and mine.

  53. Do not treat your boyfriend/husband like a dog. You are not his master. You are Partners!! And do not let him treat you otherwise!!

  54. NEVER pour water on an oil fire! If your stirfry catches on fire, grab the baking soda.
    Warning labels on the curling iron and blow dryer are there for a reason. Unplug your electronics if they hang out around the sink.
    Start gaining credit now. Having a good credit score can work miracles in the future.
    Dress the way you want people to see you. If your boobs hang out on a regular basis, and you are complaining about the booty-chasers that always hit on you, cover up!
    And the number one rule that saved me from a world of troubles: if you have to think about it, don’t do it.

  55. HA! My mom always said "no drinking, no drugs, no boys". I am 23 now and living on the opposit eside of the country, but whever I talk to her before going out on the weekends she still says the same thing :)

  56. I totally agree.

  57. If I man ever tries to hit you, run. If they hit you, they don’t love you, no matter how much they apologize.

    You should know how to change a tire, a gentleman will never let you.

    This one is personally important, as we have much mental illness in our family: If you think there is a problem, if you think you might be depressed or other wise not well, seek help. There is no shame in admitting you need help.

  58. Shannon says:

    I have to disagree. As a 40 year old mother of 2, one of which is in college now, I am really pushing that they get a degree. I did not, and find myself unable to apply for jobs due to that fact. I do have a good job now, and am financially stable, but the thought of moving has crossed our minds in the last several years. One of the things that really holds me back is that while I have a good job now, in searching for similar positions across the country they all require a degree of some sort, which I don’t have. It’s better to have that degree and never need it, that to go into the world not being marketable because you don’t have one.

  59. Vonnie Lavahn says:

    Well this one was told to me and I never forgot it:

    Even if you have a sliver of a doubt, whatever it is, don’t do it.

  60. Kristyn says:

    I agree…I went through 6 years of school. Undergrad and grad school and let me tell you…I cannot find a job in my field to save my life. I should’ve gone to a community college and then found what I wanted from there especially since nowadays a college degree rarely matters and if it does matter, most companies pay for it! Times are changing with the old saying "you have to have a college degree to land a good job". Not anymore. Friends from high school have better jobs making good money and they didn’t go to college, got trained in their field and are doing great.

  61. My parents would remind me before going on a date…You are leaving this house with a good name and reputation, you better return with it.

  62. Like many things in this world, there is a balance. Education is a critical "price of entry" criteria for most successful careers. However, being overeducated without much practical experience can be just as (or even more) difficult than not having an education beyond a high school diploma. Bottom line: education is important for the great majority of people. Unless your daughters are in the 1% who can make a successful career being an entrepreneur without additional education, I’d ALWAYS recommend an education as a firm foundation for the future.

  63. Wow. Great advice.

  64. My mom always told me to be independent, educated and financially stable before you get married. Never feel like you have to depend on a man and can’t get out if you need to!

  65. Carol Carter says:

    Never cancel plans with a girlfriend to go out with a boy.

  66. Never marry a man you wouldn’t be proud to have as a son.

    Never marry a man who won’t or can’t pray with you.

    Enjoying wonderful food is a joy. So is fitting into your favorite jeans. Practice moderation.

    Do your best and do what seems right. If something doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, ask yourself: did I do my best and what I thought was right? If so, don’t look back. God is working on something for you. If not, keep trying– you still have lessons to learn on this one.

  67. Love is not a feeling. It is a conscious choice to commit to an imperfect human unconditionally!

  68. Jennifer Whiting says:

    I agree. As a recovering bulimic and a future mother, I never want my child to feel as though she has to work off every thing she eats. Being healthy is good, but you need to be able to eat without guilt.

  69. I thought the same thing!!!! I grew up listening to my mom talk about feeling fat, needing to lose weight, etc and I’ve never been happy w my body. Teach your daughters to know what foods are good for their bodies, what bad foods do, and exercise to be healthy not to burn off pizza and beer.

  70. 18yearold says:

    Your not lucky to have him, he is lucky to have you.

    Find that thing that when you do it you loose track of time, find a way to make that your job and you’ll be happy.

  71. There is no place for "Popular in High School" on a job resume.

  72. What wonderful advice! I have too many "adult" friends passing up great things, being miserable waiting on a fantasy, while I am enjoying my reality!

  73. I agree with the original post. Education is important but just getting any degree is a waste of time and money unless that degree has a specific path to a job like nursing. I spent 5 years and thousands of dollars on a degree that gets me no more than $11/hr. Now I have to go back to school to pursue something else. For some a degree is a great path but not for everyone.

  74. Judith Anchia says:

    its just information to me and its just a comparisson to someone that would eat it and run it off,,,im fluffy never had a problem i know the info and couldnt care less,,,im not running,,,not binge/purge

  75. kristy3m says:

    My grandma, told my momma, who told me, "You got your whole life to be married.". :)

  76. As the mother of 3 daughters I have always told them before they go out,

    – "By all means have a good time, but remember NOT to ‘be’ the story"!

  77. I’m so glad my mom had the sense not to teach me this kind of tacky crap. Instead, she taught me how to kayak, how to pitch a tent in the dark while it’s raining, to appreciate healthy food and vegetables, that life just isn’t fair sometimes, and that it’s better to be generous. I’m even more grateful that because my mom was an interesting, active, fearless woman, I didn’t learn to grow up in fear of both food and exercise. I love my mom.

  78. I was visiting home from college one day and found my mom had written this on my whiteboard:

    Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing
    Don’t die with your music still in you
    You cannot give away what you don’t have
    Embrace silence
    Give up your personal history
    You cannot expect change without making changes
    Forgive and forget
    Treat yourself as the divine entity you are
    Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you

  79. My Mom was real strait with my sister and I. The best thing she ever told me was, You can listen to everyone else’s advice as much as you want but in the end you have to go with your gut, no matter what, go with your gut. You know it has always works for me.

  80. Wonderfully said…

  81. How will this look on the 6 o’clock news?

  82. maybe your mom should have taught you that it is not nice to insult people who actually find inspiration and humor in this kind of "tacky crap"….Good for you with all your kayaking and healthy vegetables, which btw- many of us are doing and eating as well…. but, Clearly you are better than all of us "tacky idiots" :)

  83. Clarissa says:

    im only 20 but thanks to my mom ive learned to take no mans crap and to stand for what i believe in. Also to go ahead and say, think, and do what i want to do because people are going to think its wrong no matter what. She also tought me how to do laundry, cook amazing dinners, and that road side is your bestfriend.

  84. Well, I can see where Jordan is coming from. I agree with passing on all of this knowledge, however, not the way the author expresses it…. A little more thesaurus use for some of the words that can be left out; and I would also add that we should have a mutual respect among women, and not the cattiness that so often goes on. We all can express opinions without taking everything so personally. I also hope my girls express their love, and respect for me the way Jordan did about her mom, that was really nice.

  85. That was a good one to have been told, I wish more parents would take a more proactive role in their kids sex lives or lack there of. It would stop all of this "16 and pregnant" crap.

  86. My mom always told me "Don’t get yourself into a situation that you can’t get yourself out of." and because I was growing up in a small town with rampant gossip, "Consider the source."

    Another one I’ve heard elsewhere and carry with me daily is, "If you want to stand out, be outstanding."

    My Dad told me to "Never depend on a man" and went on to teach me basic auto maintenance and how to pretty handy around the house.

  87. How about "If you cant say something nice dont say anything at all"

  88. I was one of the smartest kids in my school. I chose not to go to uni. I am now working in a very successful profession, in a wonderful sector, earning a decent salary at the age of 24. With no student debt and more life and work lessons learnt than I can share here.

    And I did it all with experience and no degree. I think the key lesson is "Do what makes you happy, but don’t ever think anything will be handed to you on a silver platter – you gotta work for it"

  89. This was passed down from my great-grandmother "what your not going to put up with don’t start" and "don’t let your guard down when you start dating some one, anyone can be good for two months, after that it becomes more difficult to put on an act". My daughters have tested the two month theory it always works, after two months guys always show their true colors if they are not sincere!

  90. My mom always told me what happens in the dark always comes to light sooner or later!

  91. My dads rule and reason to my midnight curfew was, "Nothing good happens after midnight."

  92. YOU are the company you keep!

  93. This is one of the worst things I have ever read

  94. agreed! F this list

  95. Yeah this is total idiocy.

  96. Catherine says:

    My grandma says, "Just keep taking those birth control pills, and you’ll be fine."

  97. My mom always said, remember who you are and remember who’s you are.

  98. Deanna Gonzales says:

    I agree with Mary. I was told to just get a degree, any degree is better than none. Well, I have one and am earning $9/hour. Sadly, I recently saw an add for a burger place paying $10.50/h which really hit me hard. I worked my behind off to get a degree, graduated with a very good gpa, and after two months unemployed and with a kid I had to take whatever was available. I am not saying no one should get a degree but unless you have a firm plan focus on work experience. Once you know what you want to do then go for the degree. Sure, it will take longer but you won’t be miserable in a job you hate while trying to pay off loans on a degree you worked hard for and do not even use.

  99. Handquilted says:

    Expect a guy to open the car door for you, then lean across and open his for him. Its all about respect for each other.

  100. April Torres says:

    Never date or marry a guy that you would not be okay with having a son just like them.

  101. My Grandma would say "It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice."

  102. Gwyndolynn says:

    all my dating ventures last about that long…and here I thought it was me!

  103. Gwyndolynn says:

    I believe the statement, "You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him."

  104. April Mccarty says:

    I don’t see anything regarding self defense which is so important for all girls & women these days. Most women at one time or another will wish they were confident in defending themselves. Forget the nut kick…punch, jab or elbow the throat. Make it good, if they can’t breathe they can’t hurt you. It only takes 7 lbs of pressure to crush a trachea.

  105. ITA – eating is for fuel and pleasure. Running is for exercise and pleasure. The two are not tied together. Eat the pizza and if you’re so inclined, drink the beer, too.

  106. Kimberly Stacy says:

    that is really great!! I want to teach my this to my daughter. thanks for sharing

  107. Rebecca says:

    Two things-
    Never say something behind someone’s back that you wouldn’t say to their face.
    Don’t get into the car with someone drunk, call me at any hour no matter what.

  108. When a person SHOWS you who they are, believe them

  109. "Men can’t help staring at your boobs"? How about "never accept behavior that makes you uncomfortable, or makes you feel like an object"?

  110. Calindy Turner says:

    One of the few things I remember my mother telling me was "if you hang out with trash you are going to get dirty" and aint that the truth!

  111. There was for me! My popularity got me a full ride plus spending cash which resulted in summa cum laude and a career at 22. I don’t think popularity is important at all, and I didn’t care about it in high school, but mine definitely helped.

  112. I totally got the same feeling! Why would you set your daughter up for body issues? Let an 18 year old enjoy some pizza… she’s 18!

  113. Love this!! Your daughter is very lucky. I didn’t have a mama and I’d be proud to have one like you :)

  114. Anitas Cottage says:

    If they can’t come to the door to pick you up……Don’t go.
    Respect is important.

  115. Beverly says:

    If you ever meet a man and have an immediate feeling that there is something just "not right" about him, trust your instinct! Never, ever let yourself be in a room alone with that man. You will recognize the feeling if/when it happens.

  116. Natalie says:

    If a boy beats you to the door that’s because he wants to hold it or you.
    If he ignores you that’s because he really loves you

  117. Jane Taylor says:

    Water seeks it’s own level

  118. Olivia C. says:

    Amen! :)

  119. Michelle Leal says:

    As a 17 year old I personally like this list. I think it’s sweet yet comical. I understand that some people may not agree with everything on this list but maybe you don’t remember being that age. It’s the time where we realize the world doesn’t revolve around us and that sometimes relationships don’t work out like we dreamed. And most of all it teaches us not to look for others or men for happiness. Be happy with yourself, and as a 17 year old worried about image, I can say that sometimes passing on a slice of pizza for something healthier feels good.

  120. *If you make excuses for your boyfriend’s behavior, he’s not husband material.
    *Don’t stay with someone to prove a point…Life is too short to live proving things to other people.

  121. How about… respect men? The list for boys talks about respecting women.. very sexist… and very few comments called it out

  122. Laurenlou says:

    I’m glad someone pointed this out.Something really didn’t feel right about this list. To me, as a Christian girl of 16, it sounds more like "How to be a Snob."
    The hair cutting tip (number one) is absolutely ridiculous! I’ve been cutting my own bangs/hair for 3 years now and I have only had positive feedback.
    Oh my goodness look at number 6. That is the most disrespectful thing I’ve heard about men. Ever.And as for number 9, if the guy really loved you, sweetie, he wouldn’t look anywhere else but at your face, I promise.
    I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. I think you get my point.

  123. I’m her the bf. It’s true. Her face is burned in my retinas.

  124. -If a guy tells you he’s not good enough for you, believe him!
    -There is a good chance that a couple of your closest friends now will be your closest friends when you are 30. There is NOT a good chance that your significant other now will be your significant other when you are 30. Be nice to your friends. (This is not an endorsement to be mean to your significant other)
    -Be responsible with your money. That kind of mess will follow you around for YEARS.
    -Drink a glass of water between every glass of alcohol.
    -Don’t live in fear that food will make you fat, eat food that is good for your body and be active.
    -Sometimes in life you will find the need to watch sappy love movies and eat Ben and Jerry’s, it’s ok…just not every night.
    -Don’t only be friends with people who think/act/look like you, it might be comfortable to stick with the same, but you will learn/experience/appreciate so much more if you don’t.
    -For the love, follow your own good advice.

  125. Number 7. Super sad! Tell your daughter this and she is likely to have self image issues. Sad. :(

  126. i think it meant a general degree not say afashion designer degree….that wouldbe for a specific career. THINK before you speak

  127. in response to lauren lou, not you…

    #1 i really dont think #1 was meant for older ppl, of course when you are older you can cut your own hair if you know how to do. but i know many little girls who decided to cut there hair and looked horrible after…specially the ones who did their bangs half way up their forehead lol.

    and how the heck is #6 disrespectful?? i find it 100% true. in my experience with men when you ask that and they reply nothing it is true….and MOST girl(i used to do it too) would keep on about it and that just doesnt end well. so if he says nothing in most situations its true

    as for #9 again true. both men and women check out other men and women. in a good relationship you would realize it is natural and not meant to be disrespectful. i could care less if my husband looks at another women and i know he does. i look at other girls i find pretty and of course think other men are attractive. and i really dont mind if my husband stares at my body!! :) same goes for past relationships when i was younger.

    dont think this is coming from some old married women either, we are 22 and 23. most of this article is good advice and is meant to be silly. the only one that is dumb is the pizza one but seeing as many girl/women have issues with weight control at some point in life it isnt bad advice. i srsly dont think that was meant for someone to go tell a 10y/o….that would just be terrible parenting

  128. Lainieloo says:

    LaurenLou…when you’re an adult you’ll probably wake up and realize what a 16boy year old you sound like in your comment…

  129. 1) Never date a man you want to change. They won’t.
    2) Know how to change a tire, you might have to do it in a min-skirt and heels one day.
    3) An education is a woman’s greatest ally.
    4) Forgive, never forget.

  130. Today’s hate-read.

  131. Overall, great advice to pass along.
    In response to #9:
    Of course many of these are objective, but I have to disagree with this one as a blanket statement. If that’s the relationship you have, in which a wandering eye and such appreciation for others is the norm, that’s totally fine, that is your prerogative. But that shouldn’t be set as the standard. If your significant other truly cares for you and you are made uncomfortable by that type of behavior, it is not appropriate for it to ensue. Yes, it’s normal for a man’s (or woman’s) eye to wander occasionally, but he doesn’t have to blatantly run it around the room in front of you and you should not be expected to just resign to put up with it. I know my boyfriend finds other girls attractive, I don’t expect him to rise above human nature, but I view it as a sign of disrespect to oogle other girls in my presence and he respects me enough to refrain.

  132. Amanda Hay says:

    Never put anything in writing you wouldn’t want the world to know.

  133. Check both cavities for gibblets bags and take them out of the Turkey before cooking it :)

  134. Check both cavities for giblets bags and take them out of the Turkey before cooking it :)

  135. obviously written by a man!

  136. Leave the boys alone , avoid if they want to interact , don’t get too cozy with any one of them .
    Let them concentrate in their own life . Don’t hate them .


  138. I was once told by an elderly lady while traveling alone as a teen to always keep your chin held high and look people straight in the eyes. Cuz no matter if your truly confident or not it will make those watching you assume you are!
    Also listen to your heart and follow your dreams. Even if somebody tells you that you can’t do something, most likely it’s cuz they don’t want to see you succeed. Doesn’t mean you can’t do it, just means you have to try even harder to prove them wrong!!
    Don’t go around saying I love you to every guy you date/ sleep with. Most likely it’s just a fling not meant to be nothing more.
    If a guy loves you he will wait for you and will fight for you too!
    There is such thing as love at first sight, but doesn’t mean it happens like in the movies. Plus it’s not for everybody.

  139. take number 10 off. sorry but they will soon learn that is false.

  140. Do have sex before you get married but make him wear a condom until you’re wearing a ring.

    Your credit score is more important than your current relationship.

    You are statistically much more likely to get murdered/ robbed/ assaulted by someone you know than buy a stranger. Watch your friends. If being around a certain person just doesn’t feel right, don’t waste time trying to figure out why, just remove yourself from their presence.

    If you want to cut your own hair, invest in a pair of SHEERS. Scissors will split your ends.

    Don’t learn how to cook because it will make you into a good wife. Learn how to cook because it will save you a fortune over the years and keep you healthier.

    Work on loving, trusting, and believing in yourself because if you don’t it’s awfully hard to know who’s worth loving, who you can trust, and what you should believe.

  141. Shoe Lover says:

    Be careful, you’re not always the master of your situation.

  142. Don’t ever say anything about someone that you wouldn’t say to there face!

  143. If he wont ask you, you ask him
    Less is more

    Love them all totally giving to my daughter

  144. Shake hands properly…the whole limp handshake thing does nothing but make you look weak.

  145. Make sure that your behavior tonight will allow you to look proudly in the mirror tomorrow.

  146. I’d add a lot, but honeslty, this list is not that great. I mean yes, they may be true, but shouldn’t we be teaching our girls better morals than, “if a friend tells you someone else is sleeping with your boyfriend, that’s a true friend”? Like for example, “If you sleep with him before you’re 18, you’re a moron”. Or something of the sort…you get my point. Revise the list.

  147. One thing I told my sister when she turned 18 was: “If that guy is EVER mean to you tell him that he has a very pissed off little sister ready to kick his ***.

  148. Patty Hlebasko says:

    What you do today will effect your tomorrow. If indoubt say no it is easier to change no to yes than yes to no.

  149. Nancy Carleo says:

    Two things:
    What somebody else thinks of you is none of your business; and
    The wrong move is better than no move at all.

  150. This is SUCH a great list. I’ve compiled many of the comments into the original list and will share them with my daughter when she gets older. I started my edited version with a quote I’ve had on my wall for a while: “This ‘aint no dress rehearsal, so live life to the fullest.” but live it responsibly.
    Brush your teeth and take care of your overall health
    Know what’s happening in the world (watch the news, etc) and be able to have an intelligent conversation about it.
    Always be ready for the guest that drops in (snacks, beverages, neat home)
    Have a hobby/activity that you’re passionate about

  151. One more thing…as a grown woman who has recently had some personal “issues,” this list was a nice reminder about what’s important, etc.

  152. Be responsible for yourself. Don’t expect some one else to take care of you or to validate who you are.

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  154. NEVER EVER EVER get in a car with someone under the influence of anything. Including anger.

    NEVER EVER EVER drive if YOU are under the influence of ANYthing. ‘Just a little buzzed’ is intoxicated.

    Nothing beats trying, except failure.

    Make your own money. Never depend on anyone but yourself for the important things.

    Put you first, in every relationship.

    If a person, place or thing is toxic to you, get it out of your life.

    Shoes and clothing eventually comes back in style. Don’t get rid of everything! Keep what you love and you’ll be a fashionista!

    Invest in some really good jewelry for yourself.

    Always save 10% of what you make. PAY YOURSELF FIRST. And have 3 months worth of what it takes you to live monthly saved for emergency purposes.

    Don’t invest yourself fully in every relationship, or there won’t be much of YOU left to give the right one! And believe me, you’ll know.

    Stay young at heart, even in your 40′s, 50′s and 60′s. YOU GET ONE BODY. Take good care of it now. It’ll pay off as you age.

    Exercise every day. Walk, carry something, take the steps, anything!

    Remember that we are but a speck in the universe. Don’t act like it all revolves around you. It doesn’t.

  155. A classic animal experiment, conducted by Ivan
    Pavlov, was carried out in the 1890s. Stop looking for
    a man to provide all your entertainment and start looking for a source of fulfilment outside of a relationship.
    You should avoid being thought of as clingy or distressed.

  156. I would add that most of this list is sexist and bullshit.

    1. You should know how to open a bag of chips without scissors. If you’re good at cutting your own hair, feel free to do it yourself, but maybe practice first. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to use scissors for whatever reason you want.
    2. This isn’t really a “girl” thing, it’s a household thing that should be common knowledge, and before they turn eighteen.
    3. Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher is also not gender-exclusive, nor should you be learning it at the age of eighteen.
    4. You’re a strong, independent girl, and you can handle being told that you’re not the goddess Venus. Your value is not placed on how good you look, so you shouldn’t have an emotional breakdown or think it’s your fault when someone does not tell you they love you or that you’re not perfect-looking.
    5. Good friends don’t lie to you, is the gist of this. But you think about less shallow things than how you look in your jeans.
    6. When you ask a man, “What are you thinking?” and he replies, “Nothing.” He is not required to tell you what he is thinking about at all times. Men are just as capable of higher thought as ladies are..
    7. Eat as much as you want and exercise as much as you want. You can be fit and healthy without burning off every slice of pizza down to the minute.
    8. Learning to use jumper cables is something you should know how to do as a human being who owns or uses a car. It is not gender-specific,
    9. Men look at other girl’s boobs. Don’t expect otherwise. It’s nothing personal. They can help it because men are not animals, but they are still sexual creatures just like you, and it is not a big deal if he glances at another female’s breasts. If he is oggling her and making her and you uncomfortable, however, then it is a problem.
    10. Drink from whatever you want, but make sure you do it in moderation. Moderation is the key word with alcohol consumption. If you can monitor your alcohol intake while drinking out of a bottle, do it. Also, if you’re ever going to be drunk or intoxicated in any way, make sure that you have a designated driver.
    11. Budgeting is not gender exclusive and should be taught or introduced to individuals before the age of eighteen.
    12. Wash with like colors and wash things you don’t want to bleed with cold water. Follow the directions on the labels.
    13. Smoking is bad for you. The exact amount of minutes over time depends on how often and how long you smoke; there isn’t a digital clock somewhere that counts down more quickly when you have a cigarette. However, they are bad for you, and do cause cancer both to you and those around you inhaling your smoke.
    14. If you go to college, pick a degree that you aren’t going to hate yourself for getting down the line.
    15. Boys or girls, whoever you are interested in romantically, should not take up your whole life or even most of it. Be true to yourself and keep with things you like, be your own person before you are a partner.

  157. Just a note that this list seems to assume that all women will be with men…AND that all women will be paired off with someone else. Sometimes people just stay single. Sometimes chicks date chicks.

    I like the list overall, and think it’s a great place to start the conversation with your teenager (of either sex). I would add
    No one has the right to hit you, especially when they say “I love you.” Being on your own is better than being with someone who abuses or belittles you.

  158. NO.15 : What an incredibly stupid thing to say to a young girl or anyone else for that matter. Then again, I should consider..who is writing it.

    • You should totally consider who is writing it. And? Find another site to respond with your judgmental comments. For clarity, I have 3 boys. As a young girl I put too much value in the boys I dated. The purpose of No. 15 is to say that you are the mashed potatoes, you are the thing that you should be most proud of, boys bring value but only on top of your own. Sorry you found that to be stupid. Again, perhaps there is a better site for you.

  159. “The people that mind don’t matter and the people that matter don’t mind.”

  160. don’t depend on your boyfriend to do everything or help you on everything

  161. a boy that really likes you doesn’t change who you are

  162. Honestly, #7 irks me. I am healthy now. I lift weights and have a realistic view on nutrition. That being said, it wasnt always that way. When I was a kid I was overweight
    “Obese,” my doctor told my mother. I was mortified. My mom didn’t understand how to explain nutrition to me. Her idea was to tell me to eat less and run. I hated running. I was overweight and it hurt my knees. Had I known about proper nutrition and the dangers of processed foods and the necessity of a balanced diet, I don’t think my life would have been that way. My mother was unhealthy herself, as was the rest of our family. We didnt have the right information to help our situation. When I was a sophomore, I was 250 lbs. I went on a restrictive calorie medical.weight loss system that had me eating 800 calories a day. That is starvation. I was destroying my metabolism and I was miserable. I was told eat less. Exercise.more. cookies are evil.Pizza is wrong. No. It isn’t. Pizza is delicious and I eat it a lot and I am in the best shape of my life. You know why? Balance. A balanced diet. Weight lifting. I lift heavy for a girl. Yoga. Your life needs these things and that is all. We need balance. We cannot starve. We should eat 5-6 small meals a day and we should eat pizza in moderation or modify the recipes and cook at home and then we are healthy. I will never reach my daughter that a slice of pizzaequals x amount of exercise. That is preposterous. That is what creates eating disorders.

    • I should also mention the restrictive calories and being told that a certain food needs x amount of exercise really affected me. I became bulimic/anorexic. I would try to restrict and end up bingeing and then would work out endlessly. That is not a life I want for my kid. I teach her balance and wellness and proper nutrition. That is what we should show our daughters

  163. The one about asking a male what he is thinking is not true…If anyone says they are thinking of nothing or not thinking they are full of crap. From the study of Psychology we learn that every minute and every second we are all thinking of something. It is impossible not to be thinking.

  164. 3single (dot) com is a great site. It also has live chat so you can chat to other people online. Good luck.

  165. Aaaaam I the only one offended by no.6? (There were some others too that were pretty offensive.)

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  169. Love #6! I wish I would have know that before I was 18! This list is awesome…What would I add? Keep a journal…and learn to cook for yourself! Love what someone else said, learn to change a tire! My dad was a grease monkey and I learned a lot from watching him. Thanks for sharing.

  170. Actual Teen Girl says:

    Number 9 shouldn’t be up there. If men or boys do this, correct them. This is letting boys think that it is okay to objectify a girl’s body. No girl should expect a man to this and be okay. That shows that he doesn’t respect her or her body enough to look at her freaking eyes!

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