My Family

My husband is a way better husband than I am a wife.  Ok, that’s so not true, but he is really hot and he builds me things.  He wears a tool belt and cowboy hat at night and a suit during the day.  What more could a girl ask for?

After reading this my husband’s boss called to ask if he is a stripper by night. Not. Kidding. For clarity, he is also wearing jeans, a t-shirt and work boots with his hat and belt. Not a stripper. I did once date a stripper. Not a good story.

My sixteen year old, Keenan, is a professional eye rolling, door slamming, looking at me like I am an idiot teenager. I love him anyway. I really do. No. Really. He brings me to my knees with his heart and his fabulous sense of humor. He has a passion for lacrosse that takes my breath away. And? He watches football with me. He and his friend have developed an app that you are going to love. It’s called Tagg Dreams. Coming soon, Can’t wait to share it. You will want your kids to use it. It will motivate them to set their goals and dreams in high school. Stay tuned.

My fifteen year old, Noah, is the sweetest and happiest child there is.  He hugs me at least ten times a day and tells me he loves me. Which, I think is all an act to get what he wants out of me. It works. Don’t cross him though, because he stays mad for days, sometimes weeks.  You will have long forgotten that you pissed him off and he will walk by you in the kitchen and just “accidentally” bump into you a little harder than he should. True story. Noah has a passion for comedy. Perhaps his most amazing talent is his ability to quote movie lines. For Christmas I stenciled them all over his room. One of his favorites? I love lamp. He is also one heck of a receiver. Which? Scares me to no end. He also has a site that is about to launch. It’s message? Acceptance and intolerance for bullies. Stay tuned.

My six year old, Colton, thinks he is fourteen. I see you nodding your head like you understand. But. You don’t. I mean really. He really, really believes he is fourteen. Just ask him. I know he isn’t because unlike his older brothers, he doesn’t smell like a locker room. And he may never. He has told us in no uncertain terms that he never wants to play sports. But? He also told us he wanted to pursue a career in acting. After one class? He said he hated it. He is most excited to tell you that in only seven years he can get a cell phone.