About Ooph

Ooph.com was created out of a desire to provide real life answers about raising tweens and teens. Not the clinical kind you find on most sites. Real insights, stories and emotions from real moms.

Most parents would prefer not to discuss issues with those in their local communities for fear they or their child will be judged. Ooph.com is an online community where everyone knows your name (or your alias) but no one knows your child. Think of Ooph.com as your network of like minded parents here to help you forge your way through these sometimes difficult years. The goal is to come out on the other side with your humor intact and your relationship with your teen stronger than ever.  Someday all too soon (trust me) you will watch through tears as your child drives off into the sunset of life after you. Make these last several years with them humor-filled and special, not riddled with anger and chaos.