About Me

Stefanie Mullen is the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Girlfriend’s Soul and owner and founder of Ooph.com a well known resource for parents of tweens and teens. She is a wife and mother to two teenage boys and another son who is fast approaching the tween years. Stefanie has been featured in the New York Times and has appeared on NBC, Fox, KUSI and NPR. She is an active social media personality.

I believe if you stay in front of your teens, keep yourself informed, pay attention to their music, stalk them on Facebook, occasionally pry their phones out of their sleeping hands to read their texts and force them to talk to you by locking them in the car and driving so fast they couldn’t possibly jump out, then the teen years can be downright fun.

I am a fan of all things tween and teen. Do you have a product that I must know about? Send me an email stefanie (at) ooph (dot) com. I have enjoyed working with such products as American Express, iVillage, Bill My Parents, and more. If you are interested in working with Ooph you can view my media kit.

I am married to an incredible man and am the mother of three wonderful boys, two teens and a 1st grader. My home might smell like yesterday’s boxers (which are still lying on the floor) but it’s more fun that you can shake a lacrosse stick at.

Are you still here? Want more? Ok. Let’s get personal.

I live in a locker room with four belching, farting, balls and penis joking, no table manner having boys. Three are my children. The other. My husband.

I have no problem telling you my age, but I’m not going to.

I am extremely competitive, but I’m working on it. (I’m not really working on it.)

My teens have cell phones. But. I refuse to get one for my six year old. Don’t laugh, I live in southern California. He wants one and many of his friends have one.

My girlfriends are my everything. I am married to a man that gets this. He has seven sisters. He let’s me play often. It’s necessary. Two words. Locker. Room.

One final thing to note. I have an ex-husband. He has a wife. We live a mile away from each other. Enough. Said.